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The shackles of drug addiction


Drug addiction is the mental disease that regularly generates an acute thirst for drugs. According to many drug and alcohol sources, more often than not, this makes the brain to compel the individual to do anything possible so as to take the drugs and consecutively quench the insatiable thirst. This addiction may be caused by genetic, physiological and environmental factors. Biologically, some genes of drug addiction counselors say alcohol, may be running in the family lineage. Thus chances are high that a child may be born with them and it will manifest itself with time as absurd addiction  activities unfold says Cornerstone Rehab. The government many times can help with government rehab care.

Abuse such as sexual, physical or verbal fall in the physiological factors. When a person has been sexually abused, for instance, a permanent wound is left inside the victims’ heart, consequently s/he embarks into drugs so as as least to forget the incidence and ease the trauma. Environment majorly causes drugs addition. Every so often, you may hear it being said that show me your closest friends and I will tell you what kind of a person you are Jeez! Peer pressure, for instance, will make a passive alcoholic an active one and so since the company remains the same, then addiction to drugs like alcohol deepens its roots. Good news is that, addiction can be prevented! One of the ways of ensuring that you avoid the dark and desolate path of addiction is by being strong enough to say no and to understand the facts about drug addiction.

Yes, say no to bad company and by extension to drugs! Your firm stand will always keep you close to positive people as it will discourage the negative ones. Have a plan in life. Daily prepare a short to-do list which will keep you busy as you try to keep up to the activities outlined therein. Thoughts of alcohol addiction will hardly occupy your mind. Knowledge is King and content character; this is a solid fact! Enrich your mind with knowledge about drugs. This includes knowing the effects of drugs and how to stay away from them. This awareness may create at atmosphere of drug free thus conquering the battle in the long run. Breaking from the shackles of drug addiction is not a bed of red roses, at least not now or in the next millennium. It’s not a smooth course. I am a realist and I do subscribe to the school of thought that there is nothing impossible to any willing heart. Let’s join hands and fight this menace of drugs addiction.

What is Drug addiction


Also referred to as substance use disorder, drug addiction is dependence on both legal and illegal drug or in some cases medication. An addict is unable to control drug use and uses the drug despite the harm it causes. It causes the user to crave the drug intensively. The user feels that they are too much in control, powerful or too bright to be addicted. Drug addiction can cause serious, long-term consequences, including problems with physical and mental health, relationships, employment, and the law.

An addict needs help from a doctor, family, friends and, support groups or an organized treatment program to stay drug-free and overcome addiction. This addiction can cause serious consequences, such as issues with physical and mental health, employment, relationships and with the law. Most addictions are because of experimental use especially in social situations. Risk of getting addicted and how fast one gets addicted depends on varies by drug.

There are many symptoms of drug addiction all varying depending on the drug in question. Some main pointers are;

Feeling desperate to use the drug regularly § Intense urge for the addicting drug § Needing a larger amount of the drug for same effect § Spending all money on drugs § Cutting back on social life and not meeting obligations § Withdrawal symptoms when sober

The key factors that cause this addiction are environment and genetics. The environment within which one is in and their attitudes to drug use as well as peers who use drugs is the major factor that leads to initial drug use. Genetics show that some inherited traits define a person’s risk of getting addicted.

Considered a mental disorder, treatment is applied to curb the addiction. One of the methods is through detoxification or withdrawal therapy loosely referred to as “detox” and is something this Oklahoma Recovery Center offers. Each drug type requires different approach to detoxification. Detoxification involves slowly reducing the drug dose or temporarily replacing it with other substances. Other methods include counseling and self-help groups to assist individuals cope with withdrawal.

Abstinence from drug use is the best way to prevent drug abuse. In the case of children and teenagers, it is important to communicate, listen, set a good example and be close to them. In preventing a relapse for a person who had quit, they should avoid high-risk areas/situation where drugs are easily available. They should also seek immediate help if they have used the drug again. It is of paramount importance to stick to the treatment plan too.